Below is a listing of each available PeerView Publication that offers CME, CNE or CPE credit.

inPractice: Interactive case studies from a prominent thought leader that highlight practical clinical issues in an audiovisual format.
inExchange: A panel of thought leaders discussing new or important science in a roundtable setting, delivered as a series of succinct audiovisual presentations.
inReview: New or important science about clinical topics, issues or medical controversies delivered as a series of concise, interactive, audiovisual thought leader-based presentations.
inSession: New science from major medical meetings delivered as a series of concise, interactive thought leader-based presentations.
inSight: A thought leader's review of an important topic delivered in a textual monograph format, inclusive of slides and illustrations.
inQuestion: A Q&A session with questions from practicing physicians and answers from a prominent expert.
inContext: A brief report of new and important science, featuring interactive Challenge Questions.
inBrief: A succinct report on new science from conferences or literature.
inCongress: A clear and concise report from selected major international conferences.